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Side Event -Exhibition of Next-Generation Automobiles and New Technology-

Date November 22nd (Tue) 10:00-18:00 (JST)
November 23rd (Wed) 10:00-16:30 (JST)
Venue Sonic City Main Bldg., Basement Floor, Exhibition Hall No.1

We will exhibit next-generation vehicles by automobile manufacturers and excellent sustainable technologies of companies.
Stamp collecting will be held jointly with the Environmental Forum on November 23 (Wed).
Click here for information on the environmental forum.

Saitama Sustainable Cities Summit -E-KIZUNA Global Summit- Exhibition Hall Map

Exhibitors List.
❶ Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Nissan ARIYA (crossover SUV EV) is on display! Please take a look at how electric power is supplied from vehicles to electrical products, and "Blue Switch" initiative that uses EVs to solve regional problems.
The MINICAB-MiEV is the only commercial electric vehicle (EV) made in Japan! It is quiet, smooth, and has high fuel efficiency. It has a large loading space and is suitable for business use. Now, please take a look at the new commercial electric vehicles.
❸ OpenStreet Co., Ltd / ENEOS Holdings, Inc.
We will introduce our MaaS initiatives. The exhibit showcases the eco-friendly, next-generation vehicles and sharing mobility utilized in the Saitama City Smart City Promotion Project.
❹ Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. / Sustainable Energy inc.
We introduce ISOP system which decomposes combustible waste with high temperature and high pressure steam to produce energy.
This technology is environmentally friendly and contributes to decarbonization.
Electric appliances run with electricity supplied from the car! Toyota "MIRAI" is a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) which is environmentally friendly and can be used as a "mobile power source" in times of disaster. Please experience it.
❻ KANEKA CORPORATION / Kaneka SC Housing System Co., Ltd
KANEKA thinks wellness first. We contribute to solve the environmental problems and realize a prosperous life through science and technology. We show how we give solutions to it. As a part of our solutions, "KANEKA Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet ™", a biomass polymer which is biodegradable both in soil and in seawater, and "Solar Circuit®" is exhibited.
We are waiting for your visit!!
❼ Takasago Constructors Co., Ltd.
We are introducing the construction of houses using Nishikawa wood (high-quality wood produced in Saitama prefecture). We aim to decarbonize our homes by building them friendly to both people and the earth.
❽ Hitachi, Ltd. / Hitachi Social Information Services, Ltd.
Since 2019, we have been working with Saitama City on the Hitachi Group's "AI-based Infectious Disease (Influenza) Forecasting Service. We will introduce the overview of the service and the results of the demonstration experiment.
❾ fine motor school
We offer "Raku Eco" driving classes to help students acquire eco-driving skills when they obtain a driver's license. Eco-driving is a way to drive in a friendly manner for driver and passenger, environment, and fuel efficiency.